Transform medication handling

Automate medication Storage


We offer solutions tailored to your needs for the special challenges of medication management in hospitals - for maximum safety and cost efficiency.

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Medication Packaging

The Rowa systems set new standards in patient-specific medication packaging in pharmacies, hospitals, and pouch packaging centres. State-of-the-art technology allows high-quality, reliable, and, at the same time, cost-efficient packaging of solid, oral medicines.

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Pharmaceutical Distribution

Process optimization and process stability as well as accommodation of peak times. Reduction of picking errors, lowering of personnel costs, and the minimization of thefts. Increasing the degree of automation in your warehouse with solutions from BD Rowa allows you to improve quality and tap sustainable savings potentials at the same time.

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Community Pharmacy

Optimized product cycles, a well-organized store and increased delivery capacity. Efficient processes behind the counter and in the back office, improved customer experience, and happy employees. Whatever challenge is presented: Rowa technology from BD provides seamless process efficiency and cost improvements in the front and back offices.

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About Rowa

Rowa systems and accessories automate medication storage and dispensing in hospital pharmacies.* Available in various types and sizes and featuring customer-specific conveyor technology, our systems can be customized to automate your specific stock intake, recording, storage and order picking. By streamlining these processes, they help save a substantial amount of time, which can be extremely beneficial for hospitals facing ever-tightening budgets.

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Optimise Patient-Centric care

BD is helping hospitals and health systems standardise across their enterprise by automating medication management and leveraging centralized system management capabilities.

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Rowa Vmax™ system

Rowa Vmax system

The Rowa Vmax system provides an extremely flexible high-performance storage and dispensing system that supports different options to enable many benefits. A few advantages are high scalability for handling up to 60,000 packages, an input speed of up to 900 packs per hour and an output speed of up to 2,000 packs per hour.

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* Some Rowa products may not be available in the United States.  Please check with your local BD Sales Representative.


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